Sunday, March 1, 2009

Law Dining and Etiquette

Last Friday (27th February 2009) might be one of most memorable and unforgettable night in my life, or I should say it was a night with sweet, nice and beautiful memories. Last Friday night, was a night of "Law Dining and Etiquette, Faculty of Law, UiTM Shah Alam" and all of my batch which is semester three students are compulsory to be involved in this great event.

The Honorable Guest is TPM's brother, Datuk Johari Abdul Razak, besides that, we are so proud because our Vice Chancellor of UiTM, Datuk Ibrahim Abu Shah was also present in the event. All boys and girls looked so smart and beautiful in black and white attires which reflect our personalities as future lawyer and justice enforcers.

SO, it was etiquette dinner, and I supposed that night was the night where I ate the food in the most polite manner which I never did before. Everything must be in control and good behavior must be maintained during the dinner. At first place, I though it gonna be hard, but actually it was not.

We took a lot of pictures and we were really having fun.

Hopefully, all of us gonna be very success in outr study, finish the BLS and the go further with LLB.

Good luck my fellow legal friends.


4 comments: is nice!!jealousnyerrr..we've never had faculty or department dinner..huhu

I'm glad you had fun. :) No more pictures to share ah?

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