Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stop Play When It Is Flu

When you are worrying about the out break of the swine flu which attacks all around the world. you not only have to cover your face with mask but also please stop play soccer. That's what happened in Beijing when Chinese soccer team quarantined over swine flue.

11 eleven after went through the test, were affirmed positive for H1NI, so they were confined at the training base. Basically this is necessary - for sure - because you have to afraid if while they are on the game against one particular team, they might be spread the disease while challenging the ball or while dribbling the ball or even while trying to score goal against the opponent.

They better take a rest for a while before continue with the league. No one will happy if Chinese soccer players play with cough and flu. No concentration. Fans and audiences will only waste their money to watch sick players play on the field without scoring any goal, instead just fell and got the treatment.

I cannot imagine if EPL is stopped because of this flu! Arrghhh.. not Manchester United on weekend. That will make me sick!

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