Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Social Networking Injured The Kid

It is the fact that the way mankind manage the life might not be change if technology doesn't exist. Mankind is the one who creates the technology so that it will help to improve the human community. However, everyone realizes sometimes technology causes damage too.

Social networking as a part of technology can even cause physical damage.

That's what happened in Los Angeles, California when A 12-year-old boy may have been attacked because of the thing that have been posted on the Facebook.

"Los Angeles, California (AHN) - A 12-year-old boy may have been attacked in two separate incidents Friday because of an Internet posting encouraging kids . . . "

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It can't be denied that social networking is becoming very very popular in the recent days. It seems that everyone wants to have an account with any social networking at least one. Even a little kid has his/her own Myspace or Facebook or Friendster account.

But still, when social networking beyond our control, such thing as above has a tendency to occur. Simply said because of the wrong use of the technology and people really have a tendency to abuse such "facilities".

Should Facebook being responsible for what happened to that 12 year old kid?

You people have your own answer.