Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Supernatural Torrent

I can't find Supernatural on Mininova anymore. Something happened to Mininova. New policy. New unhappy policy especially for people who crazy for torrent like me. When I search Supernatural - only 5 results came out. Where some more else that used to exist before?

I read about it at Mininova. It had to do with some kind of new law passed which whom that I not even sure. So, I can't continue with my new season of Supernatural and I don't even know of there is somewhere else that as good as Mininova.

Yeah I know. Law is for justice but somehow justice just killed some fun. Like this. No more latest season of Supernatural for me. I gonna miss Dean and Sam so much. I hope Mininova is serious in making an appeal about this thing. Someone must do something so that I can keep updated with my Supernatural.

Gonna miss old Mininova too!


1 comments: more Dean! no more Sam! no more salt!