Sunday, January 3, 2010

TV oh TV

I have this kind of thinking - when the very first "that first technology" was introduced to the public, people might feel a little bit weird or might have some strange feelings about that "creation". Observe me as I used "might" because it is only my personal view. What is/was really happen might be otherwise.

Let's say - television. If I am the first person who saw the television, "impressive" is the best word to describe what I feel if I am the first person who saw the television wondering around the globe how moving pictures and real audio could be heard from the ordinary looked box.

The unreliable and not so convincing resource of "Wikipedia" told me as following:

The history of television is both complex and far-reaching, involving the work of many inventors and engineers in several countries over many decades. Initially, work proceeded along two different but overlapping lines of development: those designs employing both mechanical and electronic principles, and those employing only electronic principles. Electromechanical television would eventually be abandoned in favor of all-electronic designs.

When I was the kid, my teacher set my head and my mind with the following fact:

John Logie Baird was the sole and only man who invented the so call television.

Hundred years ago people were so comfortable to watch television where it was placed on the desk or something like desk. But as time evolves, as people change and as the technology improved, the consumers nowadays want the television right in their palms.

Sometimes I want to say that -

People never satisfied with what they have.

I used to read about Flo TV and my recommendation is it is not worth it to have it one because it wasted the money when you could fine the ordinary "desked" television everywhere. With bigger screen and more satisfaction.

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well to see is to believe. btw, missed it here after a long time. how are you?