Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who Still Write Letters?

In today world of technology, communication is no longer a big deal. It becomes easier and easier. From email services to chat rooms and instant messages to social networking, people can communicate with each other at any time at any place without great obstacles.

So this question may a cross of our minds - what will happen to the post services? People send less letter nowadays because why you want to waste 1 or 2 days to deliver an important messages when you actually can do it only a few minutes. Instead sending the letters, people send the e-mails.

It was reported in United Kingdom that the number of letters' posting is reducing to the anxious level. UK postal authority, Royal Mail is facing the reduction in mails'  management and delivery through postal service of 7 percent per year. Royal Mail expects the reduction will keep continue in the coming years.

It is clear that postal services it no longer a first option in this rapid era when people have other quick, fast options. However, postal service is still important when it comes to the delivery of packages. You can't deliver packages through emails or social networking. You still need postal services to deliver the packages.

The point is even though world is changing, it doesn't mean all old stuff will become useless. The simple technology is still use-able nowadays. We still sit on simple chair and using simple desk to do work.

So, it is vital for us to still appreciate the old things that still exist nowadays.



nice post..
so true that postal services are still needed even though our generation today are computer techy..

And most of the things that I buy online are still being send via postal services, without them online selling or buying won't be successful.