Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PayAnywhere - The New Age of Accepting Credit Card Payment

When you're discussing about today's world, it is all about connecting without wire and the element of mobility. The world moves very fast. And we must move fast too whether as individuals, businesses or any other social group or community.

Let's talk about business. Frankly said, I am no businessman, but I am a customer, a buyer and a user just like all of you. But this is just my personal sharing about mobility of business. People normally pay for the things they bought either by cash or using their credit card.

It is normal practice that big stores or shopping malls to have credit card reader. And it is rare to find small store or individual sales persons accept payment using this credit card reader. These days a lot of people start to have their own businesses. Some individuals sale persons are so aggressive to the extend that they might need to accept payment by credit card.

And in this modern world we have iphone credit card readers and tablet credit card readers for individuals or businesses to accept credit card payment more conveniently. PayAnyWhere offers you with this easy use and portable credit card readers to boost you businesses and PayAnyWhere appears as new competitors to other company such as QSquare and intuit-gopayment.

5 Reasons to Choose PayAnywhere over Qsuare and intuit gopayment.:

1. Only 2.69% per transaction. Lower than Qsquare.
2. You can have your Custom Report
3. Suitable for Apple products and Android
4. The helpful center is ready to help you.
5. They have very informative website as references.

Why wait? Boost your sale by accepting credit card payment just anywhere in the world.